The development of computer programs that can beat humans at games has a long history — from the mastery of noughts and crosses in the 1950s to Deep Blue’s celebrated defeat of world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. 需要在游戏中打败人类高手的计算机程序具有历史悠久的发展历史——从上世纪50年代掌控“井字棋”制胜之道,到1997年“深蓝”(Deep Blue;IBM研发的计算机——译者录)打败国际象棋世界冠军加里卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)。

Do you believe, as I used to, that radioactivity is very rare and very dangerous, restricted to arsenals and power plants? Lets take a look at your kitchen. The bananas are radioactive from their potassium, the Brazil nuts have a thousand times more radium than any other food item, and your dried herbs and spices were irradiated to counter bacteria, germination and spoilage. Theres thorium in your microwave oven and americium in your smoke detector. 你否曾多次与我一样,坚信放射性是十分少见并且极为危险性的东西?

For months now, U.S. government hackers have been setting their sights on the Islamic State terror group, intent on wiping the self-declared caliphate from cyberspace much like U.S. and coalition aircraft have sought to wipe it from the face of the earth. Yet, some of those helping to lead the virtual charge admit it is not yet clear just how effective the cyber efforts have been.数月来,美国政府的黑客仍然把注意力集中于在伊斯兰国恐怖组织身上,企图将这个所谓“哈里发国”从网络空间清理过来,就像美国及联盟的战机企图歼灭伊斯兰国一样。